What Are You Lacking?


Regardless of your age, whether you’re in your 30’s or 60’s, all people have questions and doubts about their life’s direction. You may feel bored, emotionally empty, romantically unfulfilled, depressed because of your dead-end job, too busy with life and may even feel trapped in a certain situation like family drama, kids, or marriage.

There are actually lots of people who busy themselves by with mundane projects and work in order to provide a purpose to their life. However, most people still go through life unhappy and unsatisfied. They’re just passing their time, living by default and occupying their lives with something they perceive as essential. At least these people are trying, though.

Every person wants to feel some gratification and satisfaction with their life as well as the feeling of making a huge difference. Some people are quite restless, and therefore, give themselves a lot of projects. It definitely gives them something fresh and new to experience and discover.  Thus, allowing them to keep on learning and growing and never become stagnant.

But there is a reason why you feel like there is something that you are lacking in your life. It is you heart, body, and mind that let you know and feel that you’re not complete. You feel its lack of purpose and passion. Without natural purpose and passion, you may start to feel emptiness. The projects and activities with which you engage may seem just like routines and that your life is on autopilot. As time passes, you feel like nothing of great value and essence is being achieved or accomplished in your life.

Here are some areas where you may be experiencing lack:

– Meaningful work

– Social life

– Use of your skills

– Relationships

– Finances

– Fitness

– Love

– Health

– Spirituality

If you spend your time uselessly and as unwisely as so many people do, it can feel extremely depressing. You won’t feel worthy at all, as you’re not utilizing your time to do something essential in a more valuable way. What people are actually missing in their lives is not external things, but internal.

It is often an emotion of feeling that’s not being achieved or met. To simply put it, you are the obstacle that hinders yourself from being happy or feeling that you are missing or lacking something – this is because you are the one who is in charge of your life. Once you discover the missing pieces in your life and identify the things that you seem to lack, then you can focus on filling the gaps.

Love and Love,


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